Brian Duggan

Brian Duggan is responsible for overall execution of fund strategy, with particular emphasis on financing, operations, and investor relations. Mr. Duggan brings Guardian almost two decades of experience in entrepreneurship, real estate, finance and investments having acquired, developed, managed and..

Orasio Becerra

Orasio Becerra manages the Finance and Analytic functions for Guardian Capital where he is responsible for financial and management reporting, financial modeling, acquisition pricing, and financial data infrastructure. Mr. Becerra has over 15 years of financial and investment management experience..

Jennifer Arons

Jennifer Arons has broad-based experience and deep expertise in residential real estate development. Working on sales and marketing, financial analysis, entitlement, product development and oversight of mid to large-scale urban and suburban residential projects, including: single-family homes; high-rise condominiums; lofts;..

Gregory Martin

Gregory Martin manages all new construction and rehab at Guardian Capital. He has acquired, demolished, re-developed, rented and sold multiple single family and multi-unit projects over the last five years. As an employee of Vivify Construction from 2012 to 2014..

Al Spears

Al Spears manages the Default Servicing functions for Guardian Capital, including vendor management for foreclosure and bankruptcy actions. Mr. Spears has 27 years of experience in default servicing on both secured and unsecured loans. He recently retired from HSBC where..

Matt Horn

Matt Horn serves as a Director of Loan Acquisitions and Operations at Guardian Capital. Prior to joining Guardian Matt spent 3 years heading up acquisitions for Dreambuilder Investments, LLC, the largest buyer of NPL 2nd mortgage loans in the US...

Michael Labak

Michael L Labak serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Guardian Capital. He is responsible for managing the accounting, treasury, tax, legal, risk and HR departments, while supporting tactical acquisition, operational and disposition initiatives through the execution of strategic business..

Megan VanVelzel

Megan VanVelzel joins Guardian Capital as the newest member of the team. She is primarily responsible for managing disposition of all short sale and REO assets, while also handling property valuations and collection services. Prior to joining Guardian Capital Ms...